Q- What exactly is in the DIY Package?

A- Please review this page.


Q- Do I have to be an SEO or Internet guru to understand this?

A: Not at all—the simple 3-step process outlines exactly what to do in a very easy-to-understand format. If you have questions or need help, I am here to answer them.


Q- Is there a guarantee that your system will push down my negative results?

A: No. I can’t guarantee that your properties will rank higher. No one can. It is simply not that easy. I can guarantee, though, that if you follow the content creation steps and get your properties out to the web your results will be as search engine friendly for your name or business as possible, which gives the properties the best possible chance of suppressing the negative items in time. I mention “in time” often, as it’s not a fast or quick fix.


Q- Can you quickly explain the process?

A: Sure. To push down a negative result in the search engines, something must be present with your name/business name to give the “push” down. Every Google search page has ten spots, and the goal is to get your positives to push down the negatives in those places. Positive online properties must be created to provide the content to push down the negatives. You must create and publish properties to the web to get picked up by the search engines, which, in time, will push down the negative items.

This package will show you how to find the sites where you will create your properties, how to create the content for the properties, how to optimize the content, and how to publish them. Once published, we show you how to monitor and keep track of your properties as well as how to monitor your name/keywords for any future negative attacks.


Q- What does a sample property look like?

A: A sample property would look like the following:




JohnDoe.com and JohnDoe.me



Q- How does the Do it With Me package work?

A: This package has everything the DIY package has except my in-house team does the legwork of creating the properties for you. My team will build the properties using your content (content you send or direct us to) and keywords and give them to you in a spreadsheet format for you to own. This is the first part of the process and takes the most time. This is an accelerated option for folks who do not have the time to create each property one by one, site by site. With this package, I will also create a customized strategy for your needs based on your trouble spots. When you check out, you will receive a form with instructions to send. Within a day, I will email you a customized strategy that we can discuss via Skype or phone if you wish.


Q- Are there any other ongoing fees or charges associated with these packages? Does the site we create the profile on charge money?

A: NO other fees are associated with our packages, and it’s FREE to create your profiles on all the sites we list and use. NO ongoing or monthly fees. All prices with us are One Time Only.


Q- How many properties will you create for me in the ‘Do it With me’ package.

A: In most cases, we are able to secure around 50 properties for our clients.


Q- How do you get the content to put in my properties?

A: We need you to provide us with some documents or point us in the right direction. We request at least an 800-word text document to use as the content for the properties we create. You can send up to 8 documents for us to use in your properties. You may also send images.


Q- What if I get confused or have a question?

A: Either email or call me! I respond quickly and am passionate about helping clients with their campaigns.


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